Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear Mr. Kardashian,

Please take your circus and exit stage left. Thanks, The BOS
Ok….. the Cowboys season ended in D minus fashion and now the Dallas Mavericks are off to a hideous 3-5 start and I am in need of a scapegoat. Bringing Tyson Chandler back isn’t an option…so I am going to pin this on you, Mr. Lamar Kardashian. An insider has told me that the locker room, practice, and all other operations at the American Airlines Center where the World Champion Dallas Mavericks play has been a circus since the Kardashian’s and their reality show centered lives arrived in Big D. You claim “The key is to make everybody comfortable” . Well how about you keep your film crew out of the locker room. Dirk is not an attention craved individual like most professional basketball players so I can’t see this going over to well with him. This is HIS team and he will soon speak out and call it all a distraction……mark my word. I know, I buy the Cow you get the milk (is that how it goes??) and when we acquired you from the Lakers we were aware that you would continue filming your reality TV show with your wife, the adorable, “why are you a celebrity”, Khloe Kardashian. 
We Dallonians are not use to planted paparazzi, reality shows, camera crews etc. (with the exception of the show "Dallas"). Once we feel like it's starting to become a distraction...we have to blame someone! It may not even be your fault but that's how we function here when it comes to Dallas sports teams. Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars, Rangers....somebody has to be blamed and you and your Kardashian clan make an easy target.I mean who am I gonna blame? Dirk? Never!. I heart Khloe, she is a sweetie but this is the NBA...were basketball is played...not where reality TV show socialites husbands are made.

Sidenote: I will take back everything I just said if I get an invite to your upcoming “Welcome to Dallas” partyJ


Somebody gotta take the heat

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Janet said...

i don't get them at all.