Friday, April 12, 2013

42 Jackie Robinson: From NLB to MLB

Finally, we get to see the story of Jackie Robinson in a motion picture as "42" is released in theaters today. I am going to go see the movie and you should too (don't waste your time going to see Scary Movie 5 instead!). I hope the directors give the story the life that it needs.  By displaying his life inside AND outside of baseball because It is no exaggeration to say Jackie Robinson made his mark on history. And he did it the way Gandhi did, and the way Martin Luther King would — by simply being better than the people who hated him.

Major League Baseball will celebrate the 66th Jackie Robinson Day on April 15th.  (the day he broke baseball’s color barrier.) Players, managers, coaches and umpires will wear No. 42…. but I wonder if they all really know and understand the significance and history of where that moment began or if they are just doing what is required of them from the league. That prompted me to dig through some boxes and find a program and book I had gotten when I visited the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City Missouri…..and I decided to provide you all with some history on how Jackie Robinson found his way from the Negro Leagues to the MLB.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Four Current NFL Players Considering Coming Out As Gay

Another day…another gay rights story. Listen, I am all for doing what you want in your own time but  I don’t care to hear or know about it while I’m trying to enjoy a nice day Sportscenter…AND I don’t have to agree with you. Does that make me judgmental? No. Does that mean I’m condemning you to hell? No. But name-calling and stereo-typing those of us who disagree with you as a bigot, homophobe, or intolerable is exactly what you don’t want done to you. I have a right to speak my opinion on the subject without being verbally attacked just as you have a right to speak yours without being attacked! *steps off soapbox*. Now that’s out of the way…..