Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Dallas Cowboys Schedule

NFL fans everywhere are anticipating tonight’s 7PM release of the 2012 NFL schedule . So in honor of the NFL releasing its schedule tonight, I’m releasing my MOCK (meaning not official)look at who will be on the Cowboys 2012 regular season schedule (get ya popcorn ready…it’s a tough one!). 

Here is my projected list of teams the Dallas Cowboys will face during 2012 Regular Season (NFC East teams not included) 

Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens
Tampa Bay Bucs
Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks

How do I know who will be on the Cowboys schedule you ask? Well ll it takes is a little work and a look back at the previous schedule, factor in the rotations the NFL uses of in/out conference games and walaah…..

• Each team plays home and away against its three division opponents, which accounts for six games on the schedule.
• Each team plays four teams from another division within its conference on a rotating three-year cycle, which accounts for four more games.
• Each team plays four teams from a division in the other conference on a rotating four-year cycle, which accounts for another four games.
• Each team plays two intraconference games based on the prior year's standings. For example, the first-place team in a division will play against the first-place team from another division within the same conference. The second place team in a division will play against the second-place team from another division within the same conference, etc... the Cowboys finished third in the NFC East.

Based on this look….I predict another 8-8 season (ducks flying objects).
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Anonymous said...

You could've just gone to the Cowboy's website and looked at the schedule.


Miss Kay said...

Actually the schedule hadn't been released when this was posted (hence the first line of the post). Thanks for reading anyway!