Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Fake It: 2012 Olympic Basics

I've received some request from ladies wanting more "Fake It Til You Make It” post. In these post I discuss the basics you need to know about a sport or sporting event in order to fake it with your "guy friend". This gives you the tools to impress him (because guys are attracted to women who know their sports;-). Football season is around the corner so I will have TONS of FITUMI post after that. But I thought about it and I think the Olympics are kind of a big thing right now and with the NFL season still weeks away, HE might decide to spring an Olympic conversation on you. I want you to be as prepared as possible so here are some basic things to know. Anything outside of the basics, you are save to say "Oh, I don't know.....". As long as you can drop one or two basic facts into an Olympics-related conversation during the next 17 days, you’ll be able to fool a lot of people -- or at the very least, some of your co-workers. Ok. Here we go:

  • The Olympics are being held in LONDON. This is the third time London has played host. 1908, 1948, 2012.
  •  Closing ceremony: August 12, 2012
  •  The USA sent 530 athletes to compete
  • For the first time, women's boxing is included in the program, with 36 athletes competing in three different weight classes.
  •  The 2012 Summer Olympic program features 26 sports and a total of 39 disciplines. This includes table tennis (that is NOT a sport to me).
  •  USA Womens Basketball team are favored to win it all. Name drops: coach Geno Auriemma from UCONN, Maya Moore, Candace Parker, Sue Bird. No Brittney Grinner.
  • USA Men's Basketball team name drop: Coach Mike Krzyzewski from Duke University. Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant. No Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard. D Rose,or  Blake Griffin (due to injuries).
  •  Some NBA pros playing for their home country:
  1. Argentina- San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili
  2. France- San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker &  Boris Diaw
  3. Brazil- Indiana Pacers Leandro Barbosa, Cleveland Cavs  Anderson Varejao,
  4. Spain- LA Lakers Pau Gasol, his brother Memphis Grizzlies Marc Gasol, Oklahoma City Thunder C Serge Ibaka
  • Michael Phelps: took home a record eight gold medals in Beijing, displacing Mark Spitz.. He has won 14 gold medals but won’t repeat the feat this go around. Phelps will only compete in seven events. The number of TOTAL gold medals to beat is 18. Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina currently holds the record, according to Phelps has a total of 16 medals already. Odds are in his favor that he’ll surpass that record.
  •  Ryan Lochte is Phelps rival and teammate (and my most recent Beauties Cuties). He’s also the man who beat the Phelps in a head-to-head match at the Olympic trials.
  • Saudi Arabia will have its first ever female athletes on its Olympic team. The Muslim nation named two women to its team. Runner Sarah Attar will compete in the 800-meter race and Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani will compete in judo (I say just leave the names out of the conversation you won't get it right!).
  • The oldest competitor in the Olympics is 71. Japan’s Hiroshi Hoketsu was also the oldest athlete in the 2008 games and keeps the title as this year's oldest competitor. The equestrian first began competing in the games in 1964.
  •  USA Men Soccer failed to qualify for the Olympics this year. However, USA soccer wil be well represented by the Women’s Team!! Here are some names in case you want to name drop for extra points: #1 Goalie Hope Solo, #3 DF Christie Rampone (captain), #14 Abby Wambach, #13 Alex Morgan

I could go on and on.....but this should do for now:-). As the weeks go by and we approach the finals for most competitions I will be back!

Good luck.


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