Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rock The Vote: Who Most Athletes Are Voting For

Not sure if you heard. Today is Election Day and believe or not, your favorite athletes are headed there as well.  Some of your favorite athletes are using their brand name and social media muscle to make their choice for president known.  NBA owners, players and coaches are taking sides in the 2012 U.S. presidential election, with players and coaches favoring Barack Obama and most owners supporting Mitt Romney.

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said in an interview with Bloomberg TV that Romney winning the election is more important to him than winning the Super Bowl.

Who America’s athletes are voting for:

Gregg Popovich: Barack Obama

Michael Vick: Barack Obama
Jack Nicklaus: Mitt Romney
Emmitt Smith: Barack Obama
Alex Rodriguez: Mitt Romney
Victor Cruz: Barack Obama

Luke Scott: Mitt Romney

Magic Johnson: Barack Obama

Bobby Orr: Mitt Romney

Carmelo Anthony: Barack Obama

Bart Starr: Mitt Romney
LeBron James: Barack Obama

Jay Cutler: Mitt Romney
Derek Jeter: Barack Obama

John Elway: Mitt Romney

Patrick Ewing: Barack Obama

Peyton Manning: Mitt Romney

Grant Hill: Barack Obama

Greg Anthony: Mitt Romney
Kyrie Irving: Barack Obama

Hulk Hogan: Mitt Romney

John Wall: Barack Obama

Todd Helton: Mitt Romney

Austin Rivers: Barack Obama

Nick Mangold: Mitt Romney

Harrison Barnes: Barack Obama

Mike Eruzione: Mitt Romney

Chris Kluwe: Barack Obama

Michael Jordan: Barack Obama

Arian Foster: Candy Crowley (this guy is always gonna be outside the box)

Adam Jones Barack Obama
Doc Rivers: Barack Obama

Tim Tebow: Mitt Romney

Charles Woodson: Barack Obama

Vernon Davis: Barack Obama

See any trends there? Young, swag..Obama. Older, little (to no) swag…Romney!

At the end of the day, whomever you are voting for vote because you believe in that person and what that person stands for and not just because you don’t like the other guy. Vote FOR a candidate..not just AGAINST the other. Know before you go! Rock the vote!

For complete listing visit : http://hoopshype.com/campaign.htm

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