Monday, October 28, 2013

Another Heartbreaker For #CowboysNation

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant described his passion as "all positive" after his sidleine confrontations with Romo and Witten during Sunday's 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions.
Bryant offered no apologies, saying his intense passion is critical to giving the Cowboys the best chance to win. He said he isn't concerned if the sideline outbursts look bad to outsiders. And I agree.
Maybe some people would prefer he just sits on the bench and stews or stands on the sideline in silence. Then again, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning don't act that way when they think their team is in the process of blowing a game they should win. So what’s the big deal? I’ll leave you to speculate on that one..I’ll keep my opinion on that to myself. Whatever the reason, pictures and, highlights and instant reactions on what Dez did on the sidelines yesterday will dominate media and fan conversation over the next few days.One sideline scene the cameras COINCIDENTLY didn't catch came after one of the Bryant-screams-at-Romo sessions. The Cowboys took the field and scored on three plays, the big one a 60-yard touchdown to Terrance Williams. Bryant wasn't targeted once on the series.

And guess what he did…he went and gave Romo a hug. But you won’t hear much about that.

Dez has called it his “passion” not his “anger” that he was expressing on the sidelines. And I accept that explanation. Hell he is the only one I’ve seen show some passion on the offensive side of the ball. Even the coaches looked monotone at times when they should be ripping someone a new one. I’m speaking about the offensive group..I know our defense has passion (they may be lacking in other areas but passion is not one).

"[If you] get the opportunity to put our foot on their throats, just keep doing it," he said. "It doesn't matter if there was 30 seconds left in the game. If they are going to give us an opportunity then we needed to take it."  Basically....why settle for conservative play calling just because your up 10 points in the 4th quarter? Pounce!

He had 6 targets and on TWO of those he scored a TOUCHDOWN.…there was a lot of one on one coverage on him and the ball just never came..

Dez is no TO but I hope he has the career that TO had statistically and if so the cowboys could win a title if the QB takes care of the ball and he gets line protection and the cowboys get some better coaching because that loss was a coaching loss. Period. The strategic decisions were horrible. You use your weapons. You plan around your best players. And Dez Bryant is one of them. You see that stat line in the picture over there ---> Unfortunately, defenses aren’t the ones stopping him. Leave it to the Cowboys.

As a member of Cowboys Nation, It is hard work losing the way the Cowboys often lose. It’s nearly impossible to turn that much gold into lead. But they always find a way. Think about it…how many nail bitters have gone ended in the Cowboys favor? Never a perfect ending.

The Cowboys have significantly deeper problems. Like the worst pass defense in the NFL and a defensive line that has five sacks in the last four games. BUT I won’t put this L on the defense. They set the offense up to succeed too many times. Defense had 4 takeaways…offense scored 3…THREE points off of those takeaways. Sad. Pathetic.

Maybe the media will get around to this before Sunday’s game. After they’re done beating up on Dez Bryant. And acting like this is somehow dramatically different from when Tom Brady’s does it.

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