Friday, January 17, 2014

NFL Playoffs: How Girls Will Make Their Picks This Weekend!

A woman’s insight on sports is not always taken seriously and rightfully so (for the most part). There are women out here, like me, who genuinely love the game of football or sports in general and can hold an in depth convo about it with any guy. And theeen there are the women who are just acting like they are into the game because they are trying to impress a guy. I’ve decided to make my picks for the Divisional rounds using my “girl that really doesn’t like football but will go to the watch party because there are going to be guys there” perspective.

Let’s go!

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Ok so I really don’t like Brady’s attitude sometime. He seems like he’d be more of a diva than me. Hogging the bathroom and taking up my space in the closet. Ugh! Any man like that CANNOT be a good football right? However, ya’ll know I like my men rough around the edges and that Brady dude has 2 babies out of wedlock by 2 different women...that tells me he likes to take risk! I like that. So I’m kinda leaning toward him. BUT that other dude...Eli’s brother. Yea he just seems so cool out there. Like he won’t let anything rattle him and i need that in my life because my ex-boyfriend is cray cray and I need a change! Plus I like the way he runs on the field real slow, kinda like a fast walk with short steps.  And his little head is  so adorable lol. The Broncos uniforms are orange which is my favorite color and that guy Champ Bailey looks like my brother. Yea I’ve made up my mind. I’m going with the Broncos.


Oooooooohweeee everytime I see Kapernickle play I start hummmming and thinking things I have no business thinking! Who can focus on tackling when you are looking at all of that in the picture to your left?!!  As I mentioned before I like my men rough around the edges but Kapernickle is rough around the edges, on the inside, in the middle, at the corners..all that. I need at least 2 more weeks of him in my life and if they lose then there won’t be any more coverage on him and I will have to resort to Googling his name just to see his face! I know Seattle is the better team (that’s what my boss says..he’s a huge fan) but they don’t really have any eye candy on their team. I mean the cuter guys usually win these things right? I don’t know. I do like dreads and it seems like half the Seahawks have dreads in their head. Takes me back to my roots! Plus that Lynch guy eats Skittles which is my favorite snack. I’m really torn on this one. Hmmmm.....well, since I don’t even know what a  49er is.....I’ll roll with the birds. The Seahawks.

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