Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cowboys, Eagles Trash Talk Via Twitter

Are you ready for some footbaaaaaall?! Well, I am and apparently so are the Dallas Cowboys. I know it’s only June and training camp hasn’t even started, but you gotta love a little pre-pre-pre-pre season trash talk to get you amped for the upcoming season!
The Dallas Cowboys' official Twitter page wished Eagles quarterback Michael Vick a happy birthday Tuesday with a photo of DeMarcus Ware sacking him last year (in one of the 2 games the Cowboys lost might I add!). The Eagles came back with a #POW by responding on their twitter page “Did someone burn the tape from 2011?”.
Touché!  However, teams and fans of teams like this are easy to rub off because you can hit them with that one liner…”Ya’ll don’t have a ring”!
The teams meet Nov. 11 at Philadelphia and again on Dec. 2 at Cowboys Stadium. Will you be there?! #Witness
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