Thursday, August 23, 2012

Basketball Star Collapses After Receiving Prison Sentence


A top 100 high school basketball recruit collapsed in court after he was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Cameras in the courtroom caught Tony Farmer, 18, mouthing the words “Oh, no,” just before he collapsed as the Judge read his sentence.

In April 2011, Farmer was caught on tape assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Lane, in the lobby and parking lot of her apartment complex.

The judge sentence Farmer to prison, even though his victim asked the judge not to send Farmer to prison.

Farmer’s family and friends sobbed and gasped out loud when Farmer collapsed to the floor. The judge snapped: “I’m not finished,” as deputies escorted crying family members out into the hall.

Farmer, pled guilty to kidnapping, felonious assault and other crimes, but the basketball star and his family and friends assumed he would be sentenced to probation. The judge read the charges one by one and followed each with a sentencing of 2 years, 3 years, and another 2 years. That totals 7 years which is what I think led Farmer to collapse. However, the judge says the sentences will be served concurrent, meaning all at one time. Judge Barker said he can apply for early release after serving 180 days.

The interesting thing in all this is that everyone speaking on behalf of Farmer (including the ex-girlfriend) seems to be more concerned about this ending his basketball dreams. They seem to miss the point that this man (term used loosely) abused a young lady, punching her in the face, kicking her and then after he was charged with the crime he violated the no-contact order by sending threatening text messages telling Lame that he “should have done more to her”. Really?! And now he wants to act shocked in the court. I watched the tape and any ounce of sympathy I had for him went out the window immediately. Any man that attacks a woman in the nature that he did has a problem….and playing basketball won’t fix that problem.

The judge was not persuaded by any of their tears as she told FOX8 that Farmer can blame himself for what’s happening to him right now. And I concur.

Sad thing is, I bet most of the people there are mad at the victim…blaming her for ruining his career.  

Watch the graphic video of Farmer assaulting his ex-girlfriend in the lobby of her apartment building. (Source:Fox8 Cleveland)

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