Friday, September 14, 2012

10 Types of People In Your Fantasy Football League

10. The Complainer: This person starts their complaints even before the season begins. They complain about how the draft order is chosen. They complain about the draft process (if it’s snake, It shouldn’t be. If it isn’t snake it should be). They complain about how the order for the waiver wire is decided. They complain about the scoring system….they just COMPLAIN!
9. No Life: This owner is always posting topics, polls, and questions on the league home page. They comment on every post as soon as someone post a topic and they send trades at least once a week. Depending on the waiver wire process in your league, they are usually the ones who pick up the “handcuff player” because they were the only one awake when the news came that a stud was injured.
8. The Homer: This owner will go out of his way to get players from his home team or personal favorite team. They will pass on a better player just to pick up a player from their favorite team. They can justify every pick in their own mind, but when they tell you they picked up Sam Bradford in the 3rd round because he is going to finish the year ranked #1, it’s best to just let them waste their pick.   
7. The No-Show: Doesn’t matter how much trash talking they did before the draft or how many times they tell you how excited they are, this owner isn’t coming to the draft. Have fun watching some stud running back get auto-drafted right before it’s your turn to pick.
6. "Everyone’s A Sleeper" Guy: Every year there are players that have break out seasons that were low on the radar (if on the radar at all). Part of the fun in drafting in FFL is to be the person who snatches up the next big star in the late rounds. But to the “Everyone’s A Sleeper Guy” every player could be a sleeper so he spends his time scouring the depth charts of teams while everyone else sticks to players not on the practice squad.
5. The GirlJ: The lone female in the league is a tricky situation for most in the league. You’re not sure if she actually knows what she’s doing or if she just took the spot of her boyfriend because he was going to be too busy to participate. Chances are that if there is only one girl in your league….she knows what she’s doing and should NOT be taken lightly.
4. The Second-Guesser: There is no decision that is black and white for this person. There are just too many choices to be made and not enough time to process every running backs average yards in games played outdoors on artificial turf in the month of December.
3. Fantasy Geek: There are so many sources for fantasy football information you can find, and this guy has them all. He’ll come into the season with stacks of magazines, mock draft programs he downloaded, and twenty different versions of player ratings in order from most to least likely to produce a championship team. 
2. The Filler: This is the one person that has joined the league but has no idea what’s going on. They more than likely were brought in by another league member just to even out the number of teams. They have great players (via autodraft) but have no idea what to do with them. Odds are that they aren’t even sure what they signed up for in the first place.
1. Former Champ: I’m not talking about the person who won your leagues championship last year. I’m talking about the one who always reminds you that they won the championship years ago. They are the irrelevant former champ who hasn’t won it since…nor have they made it past the first round of the playoffs.

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