Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NFL Admits To Missing 7 Penalty Calls Against The Detroit Lions

While President Obama, every “new” Detroit Lions fan, and Cowboys hater is crying over spilled milk…I am in the process of working on my “Why You Love To Hate The Dallas Cowboys” blog post but I had to make sure I let my readers know that a report has come out that says the Cowboys submitted 10 questionable officiating decisions to the league and the NFL has admitted the officials failed to flag the Lions SEVEN TIMES! SEVEN TIMES!

Texas based Fort Worth Telegram reporter, Clarence Williams Jr., only provided two specific examples. The first, a missed hands to the face call that knocked OL Jeremy Parnell’s helmet off and, a far more relevant one had the game not ended in Dallas’ favor….a missed defensive holding committed by Lions safety James Ihedgho (did I spell that right?) on Dallas TE Jason Witten on 3rd & 8 with 6:44 remaining in the 4th quarter. This play took place right before the 4th & 6 play where the NFL told the Lions they missed a offensive hold against a Cowboys OL on Detroit’s tackle Ndamukong Suh.

On the third down play, Witten ran the route from the left slot, but had his arm hooked by Ihedigbo. After the incompletion, Witten can be seen throwing his arms up, appealing to the back judge for the call.

Sooooooooooooooo what sayeth the haters now? I’ve had a pretty unbiased approach to this situation if I do say so myself. I’ve repeatedly explained to folks that if you watched that entire game you couldn’t walk away thinking that one call is what lost if for Detroit. The Dallas Cowboys won that game by (amongst other things done well) holding the Lions to only three points in the 2nd half and by forcing two Matthew Stafford fumbles on the Lions final drive. There were questionable calls that went against the Cowboys as well..albeit not near the end of the game but does that really matter (that’s for you Walt P). The offensive pass interference call on Terrence Williams in the 2nd quarter was ridiculous to say the least. Yes, Dallas scored on the next play, but what if they hadn’t? Doesn’t that hold the same weight as the non-pass interference call? My only issue with the call/non- call is that they picked the flag up and did not give the audience an explanation. That looks very suspect but hey what can you do? I’m just glad we were on the winning end of that call because honestly I’d probably feel the same way Lions fans are feeling 3 days later (and probably well into infinity). But…..the Cowboys won and they are moving on. They have bigger fish to fry in Greenbay this weekend…or should I say bigger lions to fry? I tried lol

It’s worth noting that it is common practice for teams to submit questionably officiated plays to the league after each game and for a follow-up conversations to take place early the next week. I’ll wait for the list for the Lions to be leaked in 5,4,3,2…….

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