Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Will The Cowboys Win on Thanksgving?

Eagles (8-3) have only beaten the Cowboys (8-3) once in the past 2 seasons. That is my storyline when I begin to debate rather the Cowboys will win on Thanksgiving Day. The sole win was a 2 point victory to backup QB Kyle Orton. That loss was a big loss because it knocked the Cowboys out of playoff contention, BUT. It’s still just one win. It seems the Cowboys scout team have the Eagles figured out.
However, both teams will enter into Thursday’s game not looking like the same teams that faced off last December. The Eagles have no Desean Jackson, no Nick Foles (out with injury), Mark Sanchez will get the start, and they’ve added special teams firecracker Darren Sproles. The Cowboys…well the running game is beyond better than then, Tony Romo is healthy, the OL is giving him time to sit in the pocket and think about what he’s having for dinner, and the most shocking of all…the defense is playing waaaaay beyond expectations. Ranked 17th compared to dead last when the season ended last year.
The key to winning this game for the Cowboys is simple…. Run the ball well. And give our defense less time on the field by keeping the up-tempo Eagles offense off the field. When the Cowboys defense is on the field for longer than 30 minutes in a game the Cowboys lose. The only exception was Sunday versus the Giants whose time of possession was greater than The Cowboys at 45 minutes but thanks to great play by Romo down the stretch they pulled it off. The Cowboys defense was on the field for a season-high 74 plays Sunday night and it showed as they looked gassed near the end. The Eagles average 72.7 plays a game. The Cowboys defense has only been on the field for an average of 60.5 plays per game.

This is what I’m telling myself (and you) to convince that the Cowboys will win…..
The Eagles are ranked really low (30th I think) in passing yards per attempt defense, while the Cowboys are #2 in passing yards per attempt offense. The Eagles are -8 in turnovers with 27 turnovers and 19 takeaways. The Cowboys are -1 with 19 turnovers and 18 takeaways. I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t mentioned that Mark Sanchez has turned the ball over this year 8 times in his 4 starts. Romo…6 times in 10 starts. DeMarcco Murray is averaging about 5 yards per carry… the Eagles are giving up an average of 3.9 yards per rushing attempt. Houston averages 3.9 given up per rushing attempt and Seattle averages 3.5 rushing yards given up per attempt. How did they do against the Cowboys?
My only concern going into this game for the Cowboys is that although they are undefeated on the road….they are 3-3 at home. They have to show and show whose house it is. Represent the Star and send the Eagles home with their wings tucked between their legs.
Let’s get ready to rumble jive turkeys!
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