Monday, April 30, 2012

NBA Playoffs: They Did What?!

My, my, my how things can change in just two days! The opening round of the NBA playoffs gave the sport world lots of things to discuss on this Monday morning. Here is what the Beauty of Sports pondered on this morning over my cup of tea.

Rajon Rondo: Rondo wins the “dunce cap” award after he did the one thing no team wants to see from its leader in the postseason: He got himself ejected for something that shouldn’t have happened with 41seconds left in the game! Rondo tried selling that it was his momentum that carried him into the ref, but if we know anything about Stew…. we know he isn’t buying. Rondo finished with 22 points,11 assists. Where are the Celtics going to get that production for Game 2?
Kevin Durant: Lucky…
Dallas Mavericks: The Mavs gave the young, talented Oklahoma City Thunder all they could handle in their opener Saturday but fell short. With 2:20 to go Dallas held a seven point lead at 94-87. The Mavs have to close games out. Period. Serge Ibaka won’t score 22 again (or maybe he will…there is no inside presence). They need more JET in the 4th. The NBA Champs aren’t gonna go down without a fight. They’ll bite an ear if they have to!
Lebron James: Lebron solidified his first place position on a lot of MVP ballots this weekend. This is the Lebron I like to see!! The Knicks had no answer for Lebron as he finished with 32 points and four steals and spearheaded the defense that limited Carmelo to 3-of-15 shooting and four turnovers.  #Witness
San Antonio Spurs: I officially cannot watch the Spurs play ball. I kept tuning in just to catch the score but did not watch the game in its entirety. I mean the Heat blew the backs off the Knicks, but I stayed tuned in. I’m just saying. *hits snooze button*
L.A. Clippers: Remarkable 4th quarter comeback after being down by as many as 27. Note to Grizzlies: you don’t ever ease up in the playoffs. Note to self: never go to sleep on a playoff game, unless it’s the Spurs. Credit is due to Chris Paul and Nick Young for their contributions to the comeback, but this comeback was possible because the Grizzlies' effort went into hibernation one quarter too soon.
Derrick Rose: Derrick Rose's injury. I immediately crowned the Heat Eastern Conference Champs after it was verified that D Rose was down for the count. The Bulls can still make it past the 76ers but I can’t see them making it deep…aka past the Heat. They’ve played well without D Rose this year and would face Boston or Atlanta in the 2nd round…..maybe they can get it done. Wishful thinking?! I’m pulling for them. Some other notable injuries worth mentioning: NY Knicks Iman Shumpert, torn ACL, OUT. LA Clippers, Caron Butler, fractured left hand OUT.

As “exciting “ as the Game1’s were…I’m sure they can top all of that in the Game 2’s (minus the injuries)! Let’s shoot 1-1 splits across the board J .Why not? Stranger things have happened. We will see tonight!
Go Mavs!
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