Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brackets Shot, Busted, and Disgusted say that my bracket is busted would be an understatement. Although my picks did include upsets by #12 VCU over #5 Wichita St, #11 NC State over #6 San Diego St., #12 South Florida over #5 Temple, and #10 Purdue over #7 St. Mary's....those were not enough to keep my bracket afloat! I would love to meet the guy (or gal) that had both Duke AND Missouri losing as #2 seeds in their opening matchups! They have something "special" and I need to know when I'm going to get married, how many kids, and if I'll ever meet Beyonce and Micheal Jordan!

We saw NINE upsets over the past two days where double digit seeds defeated single digit seeds. Twitter was on fire with disbelieve. But this is what March mad(as hell)ness is all about. About the upsets and the teams who, before the tournament, the world paid no attention to. #15 LeHigh?? Nope didn't know them (I attended Lee High School tho!) but yet they put a permanent look of shock on the face of Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils. #15 Norfolk State??? Nope didn't know them either, but they eliminated the team I had coming out of the WEST and into the Final Four.

VCU is by far one of the best double digit seeds ever and they picked up were they left off from last year when they came into the tournament and stunned the basketball world by making it to the Final Four. In 2011, VCU's journey to the Final Four began in one of the four opening round games, commonly called "play-in" games, intended to narrow the field from 68 to 64 teams. They became the first team to advance from the "First Four" to the Final Four. I wouldn't take them lightly this year either.

I won't make another stab at who will make the final four. I still have North Carolina winning it all. If they go out any sooner my bracket will officially be retired!

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