Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Party 101: What NOT To Wear (Ladies)


If you're anything like me, you are trying to figure out what to wear to that Super Bowl party without looking desperate for attention. You tell yourself "I don't want to be too jazzy, but I don't want to be too comfortable. To most women  a big party means a fabulous dress and killer heel. Welp...sorry….this aint' that kind of party beauty!

Super Bowl parties are low key when it comes to fashion. It’s all about t-shirts and team jerseys and comfort. That’s great if you are into that but that doesn't apply to most women. Here is a list of things NOT to wear followed by some suggestions that will still get the job done!

  1. No heels: You might sustain a high ankle sprain in a rowdy crowd of fans cheering every first down or you may find yourself standing for most of the game. Football is not made for girly girls and neither will the super bowl party unless it’s a house full of only other girly girls…which in that case really isn’t a REAL Super Bowl party!
  2. No bangles and bracelets :Too noisy
  3. Dress comfortably :Avoid that dress you’ve been waiting to pull out or those new jeggings that look like they have been painted on …you never know, you may have to cop a seat on the floor
  4. No Jersey dresses: Thanks.
  5. Never, ever wear the jersey of a team not playing. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s pink this is a big NO, NO!
Like I said,  Super Bowl parties are all about comfort! Plus most guys are attracted to the girl who doesn't have to try to hard to be cute :-) Comfort can still be cute and fashionable! Jeans and tees or tanks, paired with the right accessories and cute jackets can birth super cuteness! Try coordinating your outfit to match the team colors of one of the teams playing in the game. That always works.  And  I would be in favor of giving the heels the day off for a more comfy flat boot.

Tomorrow: Super Bowl Party 101: Things you Should Never Do At a Super Bowl Party.

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